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The DOs AND DON’Ts of detangling

Have you been blessed by a full head of knotty hair? Have you googled for advice and hunted for the right professional tools, but are none the wiser?

It's time for The Knot Dr to step in: Let’s go back to the essentials!

*DO invest in a low pH shampoo and conditioner to maintain your hair.
DON’T use shampoo with a high alkaline content.

Acidic shampoo causes hair follicle scales to open. A shampoo with a low pH will help close the cuticle of your hair and assist in protection from the natural acid content of domestic water. Your hair will be smoother and less prone to knots.

*DO detangle directly after shampoo and conditioning your hair but
DON’T worry about detangling when your hair is dry, that’s OK too! 

When wet, hair is more flexible and therefore easier to brush. However wet hair is still prone to breakage if brushed too harshly or with an old brush with stiff bristles. It is however marginally more difficult to remove knots when hair is dry and it will take more time and patience to go through a full head of hair.

*DO lightly but firmly brush your hair to remove tangles and
DON’T pull on your hair or aggressively brush your hair as you could create breakage and damage.

Having to pull, tug and generally battle with your strands is not recommended and shows that you are using the wrong brush. For extreme tangles, divide the head into smaller sections and always start at the base of the head and work your way up. The right detangling brush should have bristles that are flexible but gentle enough to release the knots easily in a couple of firm but light strokes.

*DO brush your hair regularly throughout the day and
DON’T expect your hair to be in the best condition without proper maintenance.

The more you brush and detangle your hair, the smoother it will be!  Brushing gently and firmly stimulates the scalp, especially with a brush offering soft bristles tips. It encourages the release of healthy sebum, that is spread among the hair when brushing. The hair is then naturally oiled and less prone to dryness and tangles. Choose a detangler that can fit in your bag so you always have it on hand.

*DO use a Knot Dr. Pro or Knot Dr. Pro Mini to remove tangles from your hair and
DON’T be fooled by other detangling brushes just because they say “detangler” on the package.

Recent years have seen multiple detangling brushes being launched in the market. Be sure to invest in a brush with flexible bristles, round bristles tips, a comfortable grip and a size adapted to your length of hair.