How to care for curly and / or unruly hair at bedtime?

Are your unruly hairs requiring extra time to go back in order in the morning? It is easy to minimise the damages that the night can create with an easy haircare routine.

We suggest you brush your hair with the Knot Dr Pro just before you go to bed so you don’t add to the tangles the knot fairy gives you when you are sleeping.  

After brushing, lightly mist your hair with a sprayer or wet your hands in the sink and scrunch the water on your hands into your hair to reform the curls. Don’t do this to soak your hair, just lightly dampen your hair. You can also towel damp your hair to remove any excess moisture. When you wake-up in the morning, you might want to repeat this process for the best results.

Your hairs will then stop dictating the time you spend styling them in the morning!