Our Story

The origins stem from a single dad with five girls, who believed his career as a hairstylist and owner of salons would be perfect for assisting him in the challenge of caring for their hair.  However, it quickly became apparent that all the tangles in the girls' hair were starting to rule the mornings in the house.

Determined to take back control, he paired his hairstylist expertise with curiosity and went about designing a new type of detangling brush that combined engineering principles with high-quality components to remove tangles and knots without breaking the hair or causing discomfort... The Knot Dr had been born.

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Our thorough research has led us to produce an advanced hairbrush that not only considers the weight, and bristle size of the brush but also its shape, and form. By using its weighted and shaped base, this brush helps to detangle and smooth your hair by using flexible bristles with its oversized epoxy ball tips. Therefore, in light of the growing problem of hair loss and damage caused by pollution, chemicals, and heat styling, it is important now more than ever to avoid stressing our strands. The incredible Knot Dr. brushes come in a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

So, embrace the gentle side of hair brushing and make tangles #Knotaproblem