I was always told that cutting my hair would help it grow

As a hairstylist I was always asked the question, “would cutting my hairs help them grow”?

It is not always easy to realise that your hairs are actually… growing. Hair usually grow 1.5 inch - 2.5 cm- per month and for those with the longer strands, this is hardly noticeable!

If you have longer hair, you tend to brush more often and if you do not use the right detangling brush, you will create split ends from tangles, tearing and breakage.

Hair then looks unhealthy and it is very tempting to cut off the split ends to help hair grow. While a trim will have your hair look healthier, this will not increase growth.

Hair grows at the root and from the scalp and not at the end.

The best remedy for longer healthier hair is to brush several times a day with a Knot Dr. Pro! The bristle’s tips stimulate the scalp to encourage growth.

The Flexalite™ technology ensure that the bristles flex around the knot allowing detangling without breaking or creating split ends.

 You can then skip a few trims and let your hair grow looking healthier and longer.