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How to keep my brush clean?

You love your Knot Dr brush and use it everyday? Clogged hair and residue of dry shampoo now built up on the pad and around the bristles? It's time for a clean-up!

Our FLEXALITE™ bristles have indeed a unique design that allows them to bend and move through hair easily and reform their shape quickly. To keep them in good form we recommend cleaning the pad and bristles using our KLEEN brush to remove hair build up. Simply run the Kleen several times across the bristles for any of The Knot Dr. line of brushes to remove the loose unwanted hair, dirt and other fluffy stuff from the pad.

No need for cleanser or other chemicals to clean the pad. We also do not recommend the use of any comb.

Our protective traveller cases protect also the pad and the bristles when transporting the brush, keeping it away from damage and dirt. Your brush remains clean and pristine between uses.