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How do I add volume to my flat / straight hair?

Sometimes flat and straight hair can be stubborn and not want to hold a curl or movement of any type. However, flat hair is not a fatality and adding volume is possible.

There are different ways to create movement/volume in the hair, as a "one-off" or more permanently.

The longer lasting solution is to treat yourself to a soft "permanent wave" as a base, using larger rollers. This can be done at home or in a salon. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully if you do it at home. This will give your hair the “grit” it needs to hold a curl or volume and not fall flat again immediately after washing.

You can also create more oomph to your hair by using the Back-combing technique.

To do so, divide your hair in sections. For each section, use the wide teeth side of The Knot Dr. Flipcomb Pro, then push the hair downwards to the base creating a cushion of hair. Then lightly comb the longer ends over the base to cover the tease. Use the smaller teeth side of the Flipcomb for this.

Repeat for all sections.

For a more natural look, without adding too much volume, you can use your usual hair straightener or curling iron. 

Avoid using conditioner in this case, as this will weigh the hair down and make it more difficult to create volume. After washing your hair, brush the hair to remove all knots and tangles with either the Knot Dr. Pro or Pro Mini. Use a watered-down gel and dab the entire head (be sure to use sparingly) and blow dry thoroughly. 

Once fully dry, lightly spray the hair with a light hair spray.

For sleek hair results, take a section and grab hair with the hair straightener and pull directly away from the scalp and then down. This will create volume at the roots/base and result in a sleek, straight finish.

For curl/wave results, take each section of hair and roll the curling iron (or individual curlers) down to the scalp and directly on the base of the section, not forward or behind the section but directly on top of the base of each section. Repeat this on the entire head. For lighter curls you can use the Knot Dr. Pro or Pro Mini and gently brush through the hair.

Follow with a light hair spray. Voila!