5 Easy Ways to Add Volume To Flat Straight Hair

5 Easy Ways to Add Volume To Flat Straight Hair

If your natural hair is flat and straight, there are still lots of simple hacks you can use to give your hair some volume. While lots of people spend hours to get the sleek look of straight hair – we understand others want to pump up the volume for a fuller look. However you like your hair, it's always a good idea to have some hair-volumising tips up your sleeve.

Here the Knot Dr will give you some of our best advice for getting a great lift for your naturally flat hair.

How Do I Use A Hair Brush To Add Volume To My Hair?

One of the easiest ways to add volume to your flat hair is by brushing it. You can use certain techniques to get loads of volume from a regular hair brush by focusing on the hair at your roots.

Backcombing / Teasing - Backcombing may sound like something lost to the big hair of the 1980s, but it's still a commonly used technique amongst hair stylists, only they tend to call it 'teasing' now. Teasing involves lightly brushing the bottom layers of hair upward to create a natural volume boost. The top layer of the hair remains smooth, so you don't see any combed hair. You can achieve this look using a comb or a small hair brush.

Hair Brush Blow Dry - You can use a round brush, such as our The Rounds barrel brush to create a bouncy blow-out or tip your head upside down and brush your hair out as you dry it. This can help to create volume at the roots – just be sure to use a detangling brush!

How Can I Use Heat Tools To Create Volume? Heat tools are another great way to give your hair some much-needed volume. They can help you get long-lasting waves or curls in your hair, making it appear fuller and volumised.

Don't forget to use a heat protector before you style your hair! This will help to prevent the heat from damaging the hair.

Curling Iron – The quickest and easiest way to get some volume is to use a curling iron or wand. You can pick a big barrel for wider, softer curls or a small 'chopstick' barrel for little ringlets. 

Heated Rollers - Heated rollers are a great way to add some volume to your roots and get a lovely lift. They can create amazing vintage-style soft curls and waves, especially when brushed out gently. 

If you want to keep your curls in all day, consider using a styling mousse or hairspray to hold the hairs in place.

Volumise Your Hair With The Knot Dr

Our Knot Dr hair brushes aid in adding volume to your hair. Our anti-tangling technology will help ensure your hair remains knot-free as you brush it up! Shop the full Knot Dr range and find the brush you've been looking for now.

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