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My kids are swimming a lot and the chlorine seems to be damaging their hair….what can I do?

A lot of parents have their children in swimming lessons at an early age. Young hair is often already fine and prone to tangles, chlorine can dry their hair and make it more difficult to detangle.

To keep young locks in order and avoid painful detangling sessions, The Knot Dr not only recommends the use of a swimming cap but also encourages parents to apply a small amount of conditioner under the cap.

There should be no fear of conditioner leaking into the pool if parents work the conditioner through the hair by brushing evenly with your favourite Knot Dr. brush and then cover the hair with the swimming cap.

Conditioner will provide an extra layer of protection for children's hair while swimming. When they're finished, take the cap off and gently brush the hair with The Knot Dr. Pro Swim once again to remove any tangles and continue to work the conditioner through the hair. Then, wash the hair and be surprised how soft and smooth their hair will feel.

This is also a great secret for Mums’ hair too!