How To Take Care Of Fine And Soft Hair That Is Prone To Tangles When Wet?

Taking care of soft, fine hair that tangles easily can be very sensitive, especially when wet.

Did you know that your hair is weakest when it’s wet? We therefore recommend a very gentle approach to tackling knots without damaging the hair.

When showering, always have your head directly under the shower so the water flow is going from the top of the head downward.

When washing, always be gentle and don’t agitate the hair too vigorously, then rinse again directing the water downward from the top of the head. Use the same procedure for conditioning to eliminate extra tangling.

It is essential to avoid scrambling the hair during the towel drying process.

Immediately use the Knot Dr. Pro or Pro Mini and brush your hair directly against the head. Do not lift the hair as this will tend to pull more, stressing the hair.

Courtesy of the Pro unique design and the right amount of gentle Flexalite™ bristles, you can count on painless and snag-free detangling.  

Caught in the rain: the same procedure applies. Firstly, use a towel to pat the hair dry, then use the Knot Dr Pro to brush the hair against the scalp (do not lift the hair).