How to make my wavy hair show more curls?

How to make my wavy hair show more curls?

Firstly, if you have wavy hair, the best time to see this movement in your hair is directly after a shower and towel dry.

Once you get out of the shower, use your Knot Dr. Pro brush to completely detangle and get rid of any unwanted knots. Once this is complete, take a pea size of mild gel and mix in your hands with water so that it's almost diluted and very watery. Then push up your hair in handfuls starting at the bottom of your hair towards your head. Do not pull down as this will remove any movement you have in your hair.

This will show you how much natural curls you have.

Then, starting at the bottom of your hairline take approximately 1 inch sections of hair and loosely wrap around your finger as if you were winding string around your finger, then let go. Do not disturb the previous section and go to the next 1 inch section and repeat until you’ve covered your entire head with the same process. For best results, let your hair air dry. Voila!

For more volume you can use your Knot Dr. Pro and brush through gently. (your hair must be completely dry)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use too much gel as this will make your hair hard and crunchy. You only want to use the gel to shape the curl naturally and gently hold it in place.

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