How to Care for Unkempt Fine Hair

How to Care for Unkempt Fine Hair

Advice on How to Care for Unkempt Fine Hair

If you find that your hair is prone to tangles and knots, it may be because you have fine hair.

Fine hair has many benefits; for example, it often has a lot more natural shine than coarse hair. However, it easily becomes dry or damaged when exposed to too much heat, dry weather conditions, or friction, and this can lead to nasty tangles and an unkempt appearance.

In this article, The Knot Dr.®  teaches you what 'fine hair' means and what you can do to keep it under control. Let's get into it!

What Is Fine Hair?

'Fine hair' is a type of hair texture classified by the circumference of the actual hair strands. Fine hair strands are smaller in circumference, whilst 'coarse hair' is thicker.

Having fine hair doesn't always mean your hair looks 'thin'. You can have a large quantity of fine hair, making your hair appear full (this is what we call a high density of follicles). 'Fine' refers to the texture of the individual strands and not the overall appearance.

Fine hair often responds to heat tools very well and needs less product to get great results compared to coarse hair. However, fine hair is also prone to tangles and knots and requires extra care to keep it looking smooth and silky.

 What You Can Do to Care for Unkempt Fine Hair

The key to caring for unkempt fine hair is ensuring that you're keeping it well nourished and using the right hair care tools on it. Here are some of our best tips for caring for fine hair:

  • Conditioner – Use an extra nourishing conditioner to help prevent tangles. We recommend finding one with a natural formula, as harsh chemicals can be damaging and drying to your hair!
  • Brushing – When brushing your hair, you want to do everything possible to prevent tearing the hair when you brush through knots or tangles. We recommend using a specialist detangler brush like The Knot Dr.® pro. Our The Knot Dr.® brushes have FLEXALITE™ that help them glide through knots and gently detangle your locks! They're also suitable for use on wet hair, so you can brush after conditioning before knots start to form.
  • Hair Style – When going out into harsh weather, or when going to sleep, you should tie your hair in a protective hairstyle to stop it from tangling. You could try putting it in a braid or plaits or tie it in a neat ballet bun. Be sure to use a soft hair tie or a scrunchie to prevent breakage.
  • Hair Oils – Hair oils are a great way to restore moisture and important vitamins to your hair daily. You can put a small amount of product into the palms of your hands and run it through your hair before bed for softer, smoother hair.

Knot Dr Tips

Start your journey to tangle-free hair today and explore our full The Knot Dr.® range! You can also look at our The Knot Dr.® Tips for more information on how to care for your hair type.










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