How can I turn my frizzy locks to beautiful smooth hair?

How can I turn my frizzy locks to beautiful smooth hair?

Turning frizzy hair into beautiful smooth hair can be a challenge at the best of times…but it can be done. Frizziness is mainly due to dry hair, so creating a great base is key.

Here is what The Knot Dr would recommend:

Firstly, you need to create a base by straightening/smoothing your hair using your favourite straightening serum or smoothing cream. Emulsify a pea-size of product in your hands and spread with your hands throughout your hair and brush thoroughly with The Knot Dr. Pro to distribute evenly and remove all the knots.

IMPORTANT: Always use less cream than more… If you find this is not enough (straightening serum/smoothing cream) based on the amount of hair or frizziness you have, you can apply another pea-size amount. Using too much could possibly weigh down the hair and the hair would become difficult to fully dry.

Then use the Pro Brush to hold the hair firmly while applying blow dryer heat to the hair. This will reduce the frizziness. This will set the base for beautiful smooth hair.

Depending on the finished result you are looking for (movement or flat hair) you can use either a straightening or a curling iron, taking small sections of your hair and methodically going through your hair. This will create a beautiful smooth flat or curly look.

To create more fullness, you can use your Knot Dr. Pro once again to brush through your hair to create more volume.

If you don’t have access to hair tools, brushing and using your hands for control will create smoother results. If you have no access to smoothing cream, you can use a light conditioner but do not overuse or you will have a greasy result.

Always invest in a good detangler like The Pro for detangling and dispersing product prior to styling your hair. Use it also on finished hair for smoothing hair. You can also tip your head upside down and brush through for volume.


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