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Does your hair keep knotting up in a ball at the base of your neck?

The base of the neck is very sensitive and full of fine hair, prone to tangle. It is also an area that is easy to miss while brushing your hair in the rush of your morning routine, especially if brushing it is painful!

It is very important though, whether you have fine thin hair or thick coarse hair, to thoroughly brush your entire head of hair. Those knots that develop in the base of your head are often due to lack of care: You feel like you are brushing your entire head but quite often that area is sensitive and not addressed properly.

Take the time to thoroughly brush your hair with the Knot Dr Pro Mini. Its smaller pad makes it easier to address particularly difficult and sensitive areas. It's important to divide the head into smaller sections for the detangling process, brush against the head, start at base of the head and work your way up….also, on each section, start at the ends of the hair and work your way up

Eliminating balls of knots in the base of the neck will take time but it can be remedied with constant and careful attention.