Does Your Hair Act Like It’s Knot Your Hair In Winter?

Does Your Hair Act Like It’s Knot Your Hair In Winter?

Does Your Hair Act Like Its Knot Your Hair In Winter?

Your hair may feel a little different in winter. The colder climate can result in your hair feeling dry, brittle, and weathered as exposure to the elements is heightened and the air inside tends to be dryer.

It is possible to keep your hair feeling good during the winter months; it just takes a little extra self-care (and hair care!) to ensure that the hair gets the nourishment and treatment it needs to get its shine back.

We've put together some of our best winter hair-care tips. Let's look into it!

Why Does My Hair Tangle More In Winter?

Your hair is more prone to tangles and knots when dry and damaged. The dry winter climate can easily take some of the moisture from your hair and leave it more brittle. This, coupled with the constant putting-on and taking-off of winter hats and scarves, can cause your hair to tangle more.

How Should I Wash My Hair In Winter?

There's a popular old hairdresser saying that you should treat your hair like a cashmere sweater in winter. This is one of the most important winter hair-care tips you need to know – you need to be gentle with your hair, or it could easily tear.

If you wouldn't throw your new, expensive cashmere sweater into a boiling-hot wash, you definitely should not be doing that with your hair in the shower. We understand that sometimes after a freezing cold day, you want a steamy shower, and that's okay! However, make sure you turn down the heat when you're washing your hair, or – if you can't stand the cold, you can wash your hair separately over a bathtub or sink.

Use a hydrating conditioner to help restore moisture to your hair; just like if you were washing that cashmere sweater, use a high-quality product made from natural ingredients for the best results. You want something that won't dry out your hair, so look for paraben-free products that contain lots of healthy essential oils.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Tangles In My Hair?

Getting rid of tangles in your hair starts with a good hair brush. You need to use a specialist detangling brush that will easily break apart the knots without damaging your hair. Low-quality brushes can snag the hair further, resulting in hair loss and breakage.

You should, at the very least, brush your hair in the morning and before bed, but we'd recommend that you brush your hair throughout the day, too, especially if you've been wearing a hat while outside. Having a suitable on-the-go hair brush can help you to keep control over your tangles.

After brushing, you can follow up with a light layer of hair oil to help restore some moisture to your hair. This is especially important at night, as it will help revive the hair as you sleep.

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