I have long fine hair that always looks unkempt no matter what I do: any ideas?

Unfortunately, fine hair looks thinner if its long.  You need to consider taking a few inches off the length.  This will help your hair look thicker.  

 If your hair tends to look unkempt and seems impossible to smooth and groomed, we recommend styles to look more playful and purposefully dishevelled!

 This should not be confused with “messy” or “unkempt”, you can achieve a tousled style that is full of character by working to style your hair that way:

 Once you have shampooed your hair, use a light conditioner or very little conditioner as this will weigh down the hair.  

Before styling, you must use The Knot Dr. Pro or Pro Mini to detangle and rid your hair of any unwanted knots and tangles.  

Using a very watered down “light gel” and dabbing throughout the hair you can then proceed to use “hot rollers” or “curlers” throughout the entire head wrapping curlers alternately forward/back…

Once dried and you’ve removed the rollers/curlers…use a light spray to hold the curls and tousle. Voila!